NIS-Elements D

NIS-Elements D 3.0

NIS-Elements D software provides a total integrated solution for users of Nikon
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NIS-Elements Documentation software provides a totally integrated solution for users of Nikon and other manufacturers' accessories by delivering color documentation capabilities that include basic measuring and reporting. The software optimizes the imaging process and workflow, and provides the critical element of integrated documentation information management for system based microscopy.
The combination of integrated automated intelligence, streamlined workflow, attention to detail and creative design makes NIS-Elements Documentation the perfect package for clinical and industrial applications such as particle analysis, defect analysis and fiber & textile material analysis. Key modules in the package include an optional database capability allowing one-click image acquisition and transfer from a camera to a user-defined database. A report generator allows users to create report templates for PDF-based reports. The product also includes sophisticated large image stitching capabilities, enabling the capture of ultra-high resolution images with a motorized stage. Optional plug-ins are available, such as the Extended Depth of Focus (EDF) module, which creates an all-in-focus image from a series of Z-axis images.

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